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On Nick's very first podcast episode, he brings on his Director of Marketing, Jessica Ruffolo, where they switch roles with Jessica as the host and
Nick in the hot seat. Jessica asks Nick what can be expected from the launch of his podcast, as well as what made him get into the real estate industry,
his experience and why he decided to launch his podcast in the first place. Tune in every Friday to level up your money mindset and take risks in real estate
with Nick Oppedisano.


On the second episode on the Revealing Real Estate Podcast Nick breaks down 4 starter strategies you can use to start investing in real estate!
Nick is accompanied by his Digital Marketing Director Jessica Ruffolo, who is in her 20's and is looking for ways to invest in real estate but doesn't
know where to start. If you're in the same boat as Jessica and are looking for beginner friendly ways to start investing, this episode is for you!


On this week's episode, Nick brings on special guest Vince Gaetano from Owl Mortgages. Nick & Vince host live Revealing Real Estate episodes on
Instagram every Thursday at 4:00pm, which has reached a year milestone and over 60 episodes! They discuss how Vince got into the mortgage business,
how he became successful in the industry, ways to save money, inflation and interest rate hikes, as well as the importance of patience and having the
right team behind you to provide you with the right advice to help build your wealth and get you closer to reaching your financial goals.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on Joseph Vitale, one of his top earning agents at the OP Team. Nick and Joseph discuss his career change from
the plumbing industry into real estate, why he joined the OP team, how Nick mentored him to be a successful agent and his personal experiences in
the real estate industry on his road to success.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on Paul Miceli of Vanguard Realty, who specializes in commercial land and residentail real estate. Together they
discuss how Paul got into real estate, the advantages of being in being in commercial sales, and the importance of having good relationships with
clients to build up your book of business.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on Paul Mazzeo, founder of Mazzeo Law. His law firm specializes in both family and real estate law. They discuss
why Paul chose his fields of practice, how a real estate transaction is handled after it goes firm and associated costs, as well as stories from Paul's
POV as both a family and real estate lawyer and how his experience has changed him into the lawyer he is today.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on Rocco Oppedisano, his beloved cousin and the heart and soul of The OP Team. Rocco plays a huge role on
The OP Team from selling homes to making espressos, and always making sure that everyone has a smile on their face. Nick and Rocco started in the
catering and coffee truck business, which helped shaped them into the hustlers they are today. Without Roccos dedication and commitment, The OP
Team wouldn't be where it is today. Tune in to find out why everyone needs a "Rocco" on their team.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on Tony Mazzoli, newest addition to The OP Team. Nick & Tony unveil an amazing and ONE of a kind program
called Co-Equity. Many potential home buyers are unable to come up with the full 20% downpayment to be able to purchase a home. This is where
Co-Equity comes in. This program will fund up to 15% of the down payment for equitable share in the home purchased. Tune in to learn more about
the Co-Equity program and make 2023 the year you become a home owner.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on Sal Galifi, Luca Bartella, and Giacomo Vecchiarelli, the founders of SLG Capital. Together they discuss how
SLG was created, the many different roles they play, how fix and flips work, wholesale home buying, investment properties, how they became young
and successful business owners, and the future of SLG.


On this week's episode, Jessica Ruffolo, Digital Marketing Director, is back to resume her co-host duties by putting Nick in the hot seat. Nick explains
the differences between teams versus brokerages, his mistake in joining a brokerage as a new agent, and how teams help elevate agents to become
successful, faster. If you're a new agent or on the road to becoming one and exploring your options, this episode is for you!


On this week's episode, Nick brings on Judy Romeo, founder of Judy Romeo Interiors, who is in the home staging/interior decorating business. Judy
is a woman who wears many hats, from being a female boss and creating her own company, to offering a variety of services to her clients such as
organization, decluttering, staging, moving and storage, remodels, renovations, custom home designing, and so much more! Tune in to find out more
about home staging and interior design, and the importance of why sellers and real estate agents should have their listings staged.


On this week's episode, Nick is honoured to bring on Andrea Degasperis-Ronco, a self-made woman in the building and construction industry. She
currently runs a successful company called OPUS Homes with her husband and family. She was awarded with the Young Entrepreneur Under 40 Award,
the Riley Brethour Leadership Award from BILD, the Next Generation Award by the CIBPA and many more. Besides being a successful woman in business,
she is also very dedicated to giving back to the community. She created the Families Helping Families Program which allows clients to select a charity,
and upon closing on a home purchase, a donation will be made on the client's behalf by OPUS Homes. If you are a woman in business, aspiring to start
your own business or simply want to hear the story of a successful female boss, then this episode is the one for you!


On this week's episode, Nick brings on the successful and charming Marina Buni, another member of The OP Team. Marina has been on the team for
a year and a half, and is killing it. She was recently awarded the 100% Club Award. Marina discusses her transition from a brokerage to team model,
being a female in a competitive industry and how Nick's mentorship provided her with the tools to become a successful real estate agent.


On this week's episode, Nick brings Hem Bhatt, regional vice president of Primerica. Primerica is a leading financial services company that has been
in business for over 40 years. Together they discuss Hem's career journey, joining Primerica, financial investments, saving for retirement, life insurance,
and best practices to achieve the ultimate goal: financial freedom.

On this week's episode, Nick, Jessica and Marina discuss The OP Team's one of a kind Pre-Owned Certified Resale Home program. Similar to buying
a pre-owned certified vehicle, we are bringing the same concept to the resale home market. Through the Pre-Owned Certified Resale Home program,
the home would be pre-inspected by a certified home inspector. Once inspected, any minor or major deficiencies would be repaired prior to listing.
Then the home would be enrolled in a third-party warranty that covers home systems and appliances up to $15,000 in repairs or replacement of equal
value, for a 12-month period. The warranty stays with the home and is transferable from seller to buyer. A Pre-Owned Certified Resale Home certificate
for the home will be provided, as well as a sign will be displayed with the for sale sign. Using these services and providing this type of warranty coverage
lets potential buyers know the home you are selling is protected by reducing risk, creating comfort, confidence, security, and peace of mind. Want to list
your house Pre-Owned Certified or purchase a Pre-Owned Certified home? Contact The OP Team to get started today!



On this week's episode, your favourite host Nick Oppedisano is both host and co-host as he dives into a rant about what is currently taking place in
the renting market. There are a lot of tenants that are taking advantage of the system, which is not fair to the landlords that invest their time and money
into their properties, only to to be overruled by a tenant who is being a deliquent ands not paying their rent. Nick advises the LTB (Landlord Tenant Board)
to start moving their a** and do better.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on Adriano Volpentesta, Vaughan Councilor of Ward 2. Adriano is a well-known community champion with a
successful record of delivering positive results, receiving many awards for his active community service, including the 2018 York Region Man of
Honour Award in the special achievement category, the 2017 City of Vaughan Volunteer Recognition Award and three Vaughan Volunteer Society
Awards. Since he was a child, Adriano dreamed of being elected as Councilor and serving the people of Vaughan. And 20 years later, Adriano is
living his dream. We are so proud and honoured to have Adriano on the podcast, as it goes to show, with determination and hustle, anything is possible!


On this week's episode, Nick brings on 3 out of the 5 partners of the Valente Pacitti LLP Group, Marc Colasanti, Matthew Durante and Luca Durante,
who specialize in accounting, tax service, and corporate re-organizing. They provide advice to both individuals and corporations regarding their
personal and business decisions. Marc, Mathew and Luca discuss various real estate tax laws when it comes to assignment sales or fix & flip properties,
new CRA rules and best ways to position yourself financially to pay the least amount of tax. As we all know, if you don't pay your taxes or try to avoid
paying taxes, CRA will come knocking at your door. Make sure you have great accountants on your side, to provide you with the best accounting and
tax advice!


On this week's episode, Nick brings on his co-host Jessica Ruffolo to discuss the importance of Systems in your business and daily routine. A great
way to manage your schedule as a real estate agent is to implement systems into your week such as prospecting on Wednesdays and door knocking
on Thursdays, etc. You also want to implement systems in the way you communicate with your clients and approach new listings.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on co-host Jessica Ruffolo to discuss best ways for Millennials and Gen Z's to enter the real estate investment game.
They start by discussing parental home ownership and how you can leverage your parents home, specifically built up equity, to use towards purchasing
your first rental property. Nick gives some tips as to how you can get started in purchasing a rental property with a partner, group of family members or
friends, as it provides more income to put towards qualifying on a mortgage, and can even give you more buying power. As we all know, there's strength
in numbers! Fear is a prominent feeling when it comes to starting new business ventures, but once you get over that fear and weigh the risks and rewards,
you'll be confident in making that first step towards financial freedom.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on David Gorski, co-founder of the Real Estate Investment (REI) Institute. The REI is a comprehensive designation
program that is the first of its kind in the industry that helps agent do more deals by working with Investors. Tune in to hear all about David's story of
becoming a Serial Entrepreneur, how to successfully invest in real estate and the mindset you need in order to prosper.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on Raymond Hau who has over 15 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent. Raymond spearheaded
HAUS real estate, a premium real estate team in the GTA which is now led by William Hau, his brother, and partner. Raymond has also founded numerous
companies such as HAUS Academy, InHaus Media and HAUS Platinum. Tune in to hear all about Raymond's journey of creating his successful businesses,
how to create a successful team of your own in the real estate industry, and the importance of branding your business.


On this week's episode, Nick brings on the CEO of Vanguard Realty Corp. Paul Miceli for the second time! Together they discuss the current state of
commercial real estate in today's market, the benefits of investing and owning commercial real estate, as well as the downside of the commercial real
estate market. Thank you Paul for coming on the show once more, we love having you on!


On this week's episode, Nick welcomes a guest all the way from Nashville, Tennessee, Ace Hagerty to the show! Ace is a serial entrepreneur being a
structural engineer, a real estate investor, a writer, a podcast host, and much more. Ace flipped his first house 9 years ago, and since then has flipped
over 200 houses to date. Tune in to hear all about Ace's journey in the real estate world as well as learning to live the lifestyle of an entrepreneur.


On this week's episode, Nick happily brings on Ace Hagerty for a second week in a row! On the first episode with Ace, we dove deep into his journey
of becoming an entrepreneur in the real estate world as well as other areas in his life. This week we are talking about the Law Of Attraction and how you
can use your thoughts to visualize your dreams, followed by aligned action. You do not want to miss this amazing episode!


On this week's episode, Nick brings on Tom Villano who is a mortgage agent apart of The Owl Mortgages Team as well as The OP Team. Nick and Tom
break down the effects that the interest rates have on the current housing market, and what millennials should do if they want to get into the market
and own their first real estate property.



On this week's episode, Nick brings on co-host Jessica Ruffolo to ask Nick some hard hitting questions about understanding his clients. Nick goes
into depth about the importance of understanding the motivation behind his buyers and sellers, how to properly utilize social media to gain trust from
his current and potential clients, how to give the best customer service to his clients and how to utilize geo-farming in real estate. Tune in to hear the
full episode!


On this week's episode Nick brings on Anthony Macri, a custom home builder from Sixth Avenue Homes. Tune in to hear all about how Anthony got into
custom home building, the importance of trust and loyalty when it comes to building a good team, new design techniques in the home building industry
and so much more. You do not want to miss this episode!


In this video, I'm joined by Vince Gaetano from Owl Mortgages who talks about the shocking impact of the interest rate hike from the Bank of Canada on home values, and what this means for Canadians. Vince tells us how the interest rate hike has caused home values to drop in Toronto, and how homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages are being hit the hardest. Vince also touches upon the new Toronto mayor Olivia Chow, and the effects her new Housing Affordability Program will have on Torontonians. So make sure to watch this video to learn about the impact of the interest rate hike on Canadian housing values, and what is happening in the current housing markets on Canada.


If you're a real estate agent in Canada, you know that you need to protect yourself from costly mistakes. In this video, we'll discuss PREC income and taxes, and show you how to break down your earnings so that you're not hit with costly taxes. If you're selling or purchasing a property, be sure to watch this video to avoid making costly mistakes. By following my tips, you'll be able to avoid costly mistakes and stay on track with your real estate goals! Thank you to Marc Colasanti and Matthew Durante from Valente Pacitti for joining us in today's episode! Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date on current Real Estate News in Canada and how to get the best out of your real estate investments


In this video, I'm joined with Sam Ursino from Silverline Paralegal Professional Corporation to discuss some tips on how to handle landlord and tenant disputes. If you have a problem with your landlord, or if your tenant is causing problems, then you need to know how to deal with the situation. This video is a guide on how to address landlord and tenant disputes, so that you can solve the problem quickly and without any damage to your property or reputation. If you're having problems with your landlord, or you're a tenant, then this video is for you! Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date on current Real Estate News in Canada and how to get the best out of your real estate investments


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